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what to buy 10 year girl for christmas

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    A gift for a 10-year-old girl that teaches her a new skill is one that will keep on giving. Whether she wants to learn more about a particular interest or develop an entirely new hobby, an educational gift may just spark a new passion in your 10-year-old’s life.

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  • Match the search results: If sweets are the way to your 10-year-old’s heart, gift them this cookie and unicorn stuffed animal set. They’ll love munching on a sweet treat with their new pal.

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    Maya Polton is a former marketing manager and current freelance writer who covers food, home, and parenting. She’s also the mom of a 10-year-old son, 7-year-old son, and 3-year-old daughter. She keeps a secret space in her basement closet for last-minute gifts. Outdoor toys and art kits are her go-…

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  • Match the search results: Birthday presents for 10 year old girls should include things that they can use alongside their peers, as friendships are so important as this age. Also remember that 10 year old girls are growing up fast, so bath & beauty sets or pampering gifts are very popular. As their language and communica…

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Wondering where the years have gone because the adorable little girl you knelt on is fast approaching her teenage years? Do you find it increasingly difficult to choose an appropriate gift for her? Here are our top picks for the best toys and gift ideas for 10-year-old girls.

Some girls this age still love Barbie and everything is pink, while others develop their own tastes and go beyond the “norm”.

My friend’s daughter is a very tomboy girl and loves nothing more than running around the yard with her.nerf gun. On the other hand, her best friend likes elegant and sophisticated things. It is said that opposites attract.

Let’s find out what gifts to look for for your two-word girl and check out our top 50 picks.

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Our top picks

Product Comparison Table

For Creative Fashionistas Tulip Coloring Kit 18 Easy Squeeze Dye Bottles
High Rope Walking Black Line Kit Full Set Step by Step Guide Longer Hike Check Price
Fantastic WizardLego Harry PotterCompatible with all Lego building toys
Play it safe with socks
Small pets with sound Bluetooth pet speakers Awesome quality sound Easy wireless connection Remote camera activation
MarvelRavensburger GraviTrax Marble Creative Marble Set 122 PiecesCom with Clear Instructions
For curious minds
doodle design
Bounce around Flybar Foam Pogo Stick Non-slip feet Easy grip Control support tip
Excellent Nintendo Switch Game Console 6.2 Inch Screen Bright High Definition Gameplay Check Price

  • Our top picks
  • What do 10 year old girls like?
  • The best toy

What do 10 year old girls like?

This is the age of transition for children. They are no longer infants but have not yet reached adulthood. It was a time of many changes, especially for girls.

Physically, they become more skilled and coordinated. Gifts that allow them to play outside or pursue a sporting interest may be the way to go.

Best friends will be an important part of any 10 year old girl’s life. Anything they can do together, like play a board game or learn new thingscraftsmanshipwill help strengthen their friendship. These types of gifts are also perfect for spending time with family. After all, they will always appreciate it.

Exploring the electronic world, playing video games, watching TV and following their favorite celebrities can also be part of their hobbies. Girls are just as tech savvy as boys.

They will also appreciate educational gifts that will make learning enjoyable for them. Their attention span is much better now, and they’re more likely to stick with something. Gifts that will engage their minds and make them think of themselves are wonderful.

There are countless other goodies they’ll love too, from traditional books to quirky gadgets. Just make sure whatever you choose is age appropriate and neither too easy nor too difficult.(first).

The best toy

Here are our top gifts for those teenage girls.


1. Tulip Coloring Kit

For creative fashionistas

Product Image of the Tulip 32378 One Step 18-Color Tie-Dye Kit

Check prices

Does your 10 year old like bright colors? This tie and dye kit is perfect for her, and also a few friends if she wants, to personalize some of their clothes. It contains 18 different color dyes that are non-toxic and machine safe.

Gloves, straps and a full instruction booklet with designs are also included. If you don’t want your child to kill the existing clothes, you can buy a packwhite cotton t-shirtlet them experiment.

2. Doodle Pillowcase by Eatsleepdoodle

doodle design

Product Image of the Eatsleepdoodle Create Your Own Design Pure Cotton Soft Pillowcase - Notebook...

Check prices

This 200 thread count 100% cotton pillowcase comes with 10 washable fabric markers. Your daughter can doodle, draw, write messages, compose a story or write down her dreams. There’s even a flap inside for secret messages.

When the pillowcase is ready to wash, put it in the machine, take it out and dry it. Then your child is ready to start over with a new design.

3. Klutz String Art Ensemble

pin it

Product Image of the Klutz String Art Book Kit

Check prices

Get creative and create pretty string art with this kit from Klutz. It features six different design panels, including a fox, a flower, and a heart.

Everything you need to complete these projects is right in the box. Includes 80 colorful measuring tapes, over 500 pins, tracing paper, backing paper, staple pusher and corrugated cardboard sheets. There is also an instruction manual with clear, easy to follow instructions.

4. Color Your Own Water Bottle Set

Creative and practical

Product Image of the Just My Style Your Decor Color Your Own Water Bottle By Horizon Group Usa, DIY...

Check prices

It’s important for young girls to stay hydrated, especially when they become more active. This kit has everything she needs to create her own unique water bottle. There are five pens and 20 mounted gemstones to complete your design.

I love that the water bottle is BPA free and has a clip to attach to a school bag or backpack. This bottle is not only easy to identify, but also less likely to get lost.

5. Make it a real bracelet making kit

Accessorize your world

Product Image of the Make It Real – Neo-Brite Chains & Charms. Bracelet Making Kit for Girls and...

Check prices

This craft set has so many benefits that a 10 year old girl will love helping her design her own bracelets. Enhance their creativity using beads, gold chains, tassels, pom poms and gemstone amulets. Their works can be offered as gifts or for personal use.

6. PlayMonster My Fairy Garden

magic in fairy tales

Product Image of the My Fairy Garden - Tree Hollow

Check prices

Is your 10 year old still in touch with his imagination? Why not bring the garden fairies into his house? This kit contains the soil, seeds and small tools needed to create and maintain a fairy garden.

It’s great that the included seed mix is ​​organic. This kit can also help children learn patience, as it may take some time for flowers to bloom.

7. Klutz Mini Pom-Pom Pets

cute animal

Product Image of the Klutz Mini Pom-Pom Pets 8' Length x 1.25' Width x 9' Height

Check prices

Does your daughter want a pet? Let her do it herself with this adorable set of plush toys. There are over 20 to choose from, including a bunny, kitten, elephant, or owl, among others.

Everything needed to create and revive these little creatures is in the box. Just add eyes, ears, nose, feet, etc. to personalize your pet. The included instruction booklet is full of great ideas and tips.

Outdoor activities

stay away from device time


8. Slackline kit with training line

Walk on a high rope

Product Image of the Slackline Slackline Kit Slack Line Longer 57 ft Line with Training Line Tree...

Check prices

It’s a great idea for outdoor fun. The 57-foot slide is made from sturdy polyester fabric and features a training cord that can be held on until your girl gets proficient. You only need two plants up to 50 feet apart to set it up.

High quality steel ratchet wheels help tension the chain and help babies learn to walk and practice their balance trick. It’s also adult-friendly, so you might be intrigued to join.

This kit includes tools to protect plants to ensure they are not damaged and comes with a handy carry bag.

9. Flybar Foam Master Pogo

Bouncing here and there

Product Image of the Flybar Foam Master Pogo Stick For Kids Boys & Girls Ages 9 & Up, 80 to 160 Lbs -...

Check prices

Have your child bounce around the garden on a pogo stick. This one was brought to us by Flybar, which has been in business since 1918.

The cane has a stable, non-slip foot that holds your foot in place, making it easier to ride and maneuver. The handlebar is covered with foam for a comfortable grip. This rod will weigh between 80 and 160 pounds.

The wide sole of this pogo stick helps your child maintain their balance. However, there is a chance of her falling, so don’t forget the helmet and safety pads.

10. Easton Pink Sapphire Fastpitch Softball Bat

swing for the stars

Product Image of the EASTON PINK SAPPHIRE -10 Girls Fastpitch Softball Bat, 28/18, FP18PSA

Check prices

Put some style on the diamond with this sapphire pink softball club. It is made from military grade aluminum which makes it light, strong and durable. The slim handle makes it easy to hold and has a sporty look.

Whether your daughter is working out in the backyard or playing a game, this bat is sure to be a hit.

11. GoSports Giant Wooden Rooftop Tower

Perfect balance

Product Image of the GoSports Giant Wooden Toppling Tower (Stacks to 5+ Feet), Choose Between...

Check prices

Kids and adults love this giant indoor game, Jenga. It is made from quality pine wood blocks that are pest and water resistant. It also has its own bag to pack and take with you when camping, going to the park or visiting family.

It’s nice when the edges are smooth, reducing the chance of debris falling into your child’s hands. Create your own rules using scoreboards and dice; All you need is a dry erase marker.

12. Sisigad Hoverboard Self-Balancing Scooter

Hands-free hovering

Product Image of the SISIGAD Hoverboard Smart Self Balancing Scooter,Hoverboard with Built-in...

Check prices

Back to the future is here! ThisSkateboardwill make your girls wobble like Marty McFly. It is self-balancing, meaning it senses changes in the rider’s center of gravity and weight, and balances itself.

This board can move at around 6 miles per hour. There’s a built-in wireless speaker that can easily connect to any mobile device so your girl can enjoy her favorite music or books without wearing headphones.

13. Razor E100 electric scooter

Scooter time

Product Image of the Razor E100 Electric Scooter for Kids Ages 8 and Up - 8' Air-filled Front Tire,...

Check prices

Running at speeds of up to 10 mph will make your 10 year old daughter excited and excited. This pretty pink tram can do just that.

It has a twist throttle on the handlebars to control speed. It also has a manual rear brake, spring-loaded jack stands and 8-inch front tires.

Travel time up to 40 minutes on a single 12-24 hour charge. The battery charger and all the tools to assemble it are included.

Two little boys racing with their scooters

10 Best Scooters for Kids (Review 2022)

14. SainSmart Jr. Kids Bows and Arrows

Scroll Wonder Woman

Product Image of the SainSmart Jr. Kids Bow and Arrows, Light Up Archery Set for Kids Outdoor Hunting...

Check prices

free your daughterSuperheroes insidewith this set of pink bows and arrows. It comes with five arrows with suction cups on the end and a vibrator to hold them. Hang the target in the garden and have your daughter use the aiming point on the bow to practice hitting it.

The bow also has lights that glow when the string is pulled back. It requires three AAA batteries which are not included.

Games and toys

likes to play with dolls

15. Lego Harry Potter Hogwarts Hall

amazing magic

Product Image of the LEGO Harry Potter Hogwarts Great Hall 75954 Building Kit and Magic Castle Toy,...

Check prices

Immerse your child in the imaginary world of Harry Potter and his friends with this Legobuilding kit. It comes with 878 Lego bricks and 10 themed minifigures, including Hermione, Harry and Ron. The hall even has a movable spiral staircase.

Props, like the wand and Sorting Hat, and magical creatures, like Fawkes, Scabbers, Basilisk, and Hedwig complete the picture. Your girls can act out their own stories where their imagination is the only limit.

16. Nintendo Switch

great games console

Product Image of the Nintendo Switch - Mario Red & Blue Edition - Switch

Check prices

The Nintendo Switch can be used as a portable game console with its bright 6.2-inch high-definition screen. It can also be placed in a Nintendo Switch dock and connected to a TV to play family games. An HDMI cable and power adapter are included to make this happen.

There are two Joy-Con controllers, which can be used alone or attached to the bundled Joy-Con controller to be used as a traditional controller. A cool feature is that even if you’re playing a game on your TV halfway through, you can remove the console and continue playing on the handheld. There is alsoLite versionof this game console.

17. Hatchimals CollEGGtibles

Interesting collectibles

Product Image of the Hatchimals CollEGGtibles Season 3, 4 Pack + Bonus (Styles & Colors May Vary) by...

Check prices

The girl likes to collect things. If they don’t have a Hatchimal collection yet, you can help them create one.

It contains five eggs to hatch, each containing one or two of these adorable little figurines. There are 100 in this series to collect.

To hatch an egg, you rub its heart until it changes color. Open it up and see what’s inside – it could be one of the best friends, a team member or twins.

A chart is included, so you can see if you have a rare or limited edition, and check what you have or need.

18. Barbie Crayola Confetti Skirt Studio

Timeless Barbie

Product Image of the ​Barbie Crayola Confetti Skirt Studio, Barbie Crafts Playset with Doll

Check prices

Barbie has been a staple of young girls for many years. Most 10 year old girls will always enjoy playing with their mom. This set combines art and craft for creative fun with Barbie.

The studio has a hole for making confetti from the supplied colored paper, which hooks and falls into a drawer at the bottom. Three skirts are provided, with an opening on one side which can be connected to a funnel.

Fill the dresses with confetti then decorate them with the included Crayola gel pen and stickers. When she’s done, the skirt can be wiped down and the creation can start all over again.

19. Endless Night Activity Game

Sleeping time

Product Image of the Sleepover Party - The Party You Play - Activity Game for Kids Ages 8 and Up

Check prices

Ten-year-old girls enjoy their excessive sleep. They want to spend time with their friends on weekends or holidays. This game will be fun for them, even if it can keep them up all night!

There is one stop rotation in one category and three categories of cards to match. Choose a card and do what it says.

It can be copying whatever a friend of yours is doing, licking your elbow, and more. Full instructions for playing are included.

20. WowWee Fingerlings Mini-Series

The Fingerling Phenomenon

Product Image of the WowWee Fingerlings Minis-Series 1-5 Piece Banana Blister 3 Figures Plus Bonus...

Check prices

Fry may already be on your daughter’s radar. They are a must-have cute collection for kids. Pair jewelry with little creatures in this gift.

Each pack contains three little fingers, a bracelet and a talisman on the tail. They can be linked together on bracelets or used placed on pencils. There are 36 different little fingers to collect.

21. Total University Games: Science Games

Synthetic game

Product Image of the Totally Gross: The Game of Science

Check prices

Rudeness is fun for 10 year olds. Why not use this game accessible to the whole family to correct them? There are 140 question cards, 30 lab cards, four playing cards, dice and 50 key cards, plus a slime flask.

All are available here. Stretch your slime all the way and complete a trial to win. I like that children learn at the same time, with subjects covering all aspects of science.

Clothing and jewelry

22. Soft Animal Socks

Play it safe with socks

Product Image of the JJMax Women's Sweet Animal Socks Set with Thick Eared Cuffs One Size Fits All ,...

Check prices

Safety can sometimes be the best option, and socks are always a great addition to any girl’s wardrobe. This cute set of four pairs of socks all feature animal designs with little protruding ears. They are made from a cotton blend and one size fits all.

If your young lady is more interested in kittens, bunnies, owls or bears, you can choose from 36 other designs. Surely there is something she will appreciate.

23. Unisex Emoji Sandals

Stay warm in slippers

Product Image of the YINGGG Unisex Cute Poop Emoji Slippers Plush Fluffy Comfortable House Shoes for...

Check prices

Kids today are well aware of what emojis are and what they arefunny slippersThere are five different options, from a beanie to smiling sunglasses. Honestly, what 10-year-old doesn’t like to push the limits? Or find interesting shit-based stuff?

The slippers are made of soft velor and have a non-slip sole. This is great if you have tile or hardwood floors – your kids won’t be slipping all over the place.

24. Floral satin kimono dress for girls

A bit of luxury

Product Image of the Floral Satin Kimono Robes for Girls Getting Ready Robes for Wedding Party Navy

Check prices

At 10, our little girls and our little boys blossom into beautiful young ladies. They will sometimes want to feel like adults. Why not pamper them with a silky kimono coat?

This one comes in five different colors and is made from polyester. It is satiny and features a pretty Japanese-inspired floral print. Be sure to use the manufacturer’s size chart when choosing, depending on their size.

25. Kamik Raindrops Rain Boot

Shoes for wet play

Product Image of the Kamik Girls Raindrops Rain Boot Viola, 4 M US Big Kid

Check prices

Rainy days and snowy days usually mean cold, wet feet or a day indoors. These rain boots will allow your child to wade through a puddle or build a snowman, while keeping their feet dry. They are made from neoprene and are 100% waterproof, with a grooved base for grip.

You can choose from six different colors, although I like the pretty pink one. Mid-calf length boots, with decorative side buckles and removable insoles. Size large for 4-6 year olds, for 8-12 year old girls.

26. JanSport Large Student Backpack

Bring it all in style

Product Image of the JanSport Big Student Backpack, Blue Crest

Check prices

Now that your daughter is older, she can bring more than a box lunch to school. This backpack, with pockets for water bottles and more like books and electronics, will hold everything she needs. It’s made from 600D poly fabric and is durable, so the company will replace or repair damage for life.

I love that there are over 100 different styles and colors to choose from. that your daughteris a unicorn, emoji, dog or pretty seashell that we have chosen, there will be one to suit. The designs are original and individual like those of your child.

27. Queenberry Sterling Silver Bracelet

charm bangle

Product Image of the Queenberry Sterling Silver Snake Cable Bracelet with Lobster Clasp for European...

Check prices

Silver charm bracelets have made a comeback in recent years. It is an ideal gift that you can add by purchasing charms for future birthdays, Christmas, school achievements or just because you can. It is compatible with most major brand charms and is made of solid .925 sterling silver.

The 3mm diameter strap with 11mm lobster clasp is available in six different sizes. To be sure you’re choosing the right bracelet, measure your daughter’s wrist with a tape measure, then add an inch to make room for the piece to be sucked into the charm. The length varies from 6.5 inches to 9 inches.

28. Original Silver Disc Necklace

Personal necklace

Product Image of the AOLO Silver Color Initial Disc Necklace Script Cursive A

Check prices

Simply the word I would use to describe this lovely necklace. It has a silver metal alloy chain and a disc engraved with the initials of your choice. The chain is 16 inches long with the chain extending 2 inches and the diameter of the pendant is just over half an inch.

Girls this age often lose jewelry, so I like that it’s a lower budget option than buying silver or gold. That being said, it still looks good and will definitely be appreciated.

Electronics and technology

29. Bluetooth Wireless Pet Speaker

Small pets with lots of sounds

Product Image of the My Audio Pet Mini Bluetooth Animal Wireless Speaker (Power PUP)

Check prices

This mini animal shaped Bluetooth speaker is cute and practical. It acts as a speakerphone, sounding great when connected wirelessly to any Bluetooth-enabled device. It has a built-in microphone and the battery lasts up to four hours on a single charge.

With five animals to choose from, including a tiger, raccoon or kitten, it’s only slightly bigger than a golf ball. It also has a cool selfie feature – use the on-device button to trigger the camera or video on your linked device.

30. Fujifilm Instax Square Instant Camera

picture perfect

Product Image of the Fujifilm Instax Square SQ6 + Fujifilm Instax Square Instant Film (20 Sheets)...

Check prices

There’s nothing more satisfying than having a picture to hold in your hand, hang on the wall, or stick on your fridge. This momentCamerajust provide that. It produces square prints instantly from the included 20 sheets of Fujifilm film.

It has a built-in flash, with three different color filters for special effects. It also has a selfie mirror on the front for perfect self-portraits.

31. Metal detector

In search of buried treasure

Product Image of the Bounty Hunter 3410001 TK4 Tracker IV Metal Detector, Black

Check prices

The buried treasure is a mystery that every girl wants to unravel. They can, with this metal detector.

It can detect coin-sized objects up to 8 inches deep, and larger metal objects up to 2 feet deep. Easily switch between modes using the rocker switch.

I love that it can be taken to the beach and used on the sand or in shallow water. Your daughter can become a sailor with a mission. Who knows what she’ll find?

32. Asus Chromebooks

Laptop boots firmly

Product Image of the ASUS Chromebook C202 Laptop- 11.6' Ruggedized and Spill Resistant Design with...

Check prices

If you find that you have lost access to your PC,pill, or a smartphone for your pre-teen daughter, maybe it’s time she got her own. AsusChromebookfeatures reinforced rubber sides and a spill-resistant keyboard, making it a solid choice for kids.

It has 16 GB of internal memory, which can be expanded with 100 GB of free Google Drive storage. It also has up to 10 hours of battery life, an anti-glare screen and can be opened up to 180 degrees.

It features a keyboard designed for kids, with 15% larger printed character keys. However, this device does not have a CD or DVD drive.

33. Tello Quadcopter Drone

fly high

Product Image of the Tello Quadcopter Drone with HD Camera and VR,Powered by DJI Technology and Intel...

Check prices

Thiskid friendly dronesis a great way to introduce them to this type of technology. Simply download the Android or iOS app to control the drone and you’re good to go. Launch the drone in the air and perform stunts, make videos or take photos.

Automatic take-off and landing can be done with one click, hover control is possible, and it will land safely in the event of a power failure. It has a flight time of 13 minutes, with two antennas for easy control.

There is a coding system called Scratch, which can be used to help your young lady get used to using codes to control drones. Note that you need a smart device to control this drone.

34. Anki Cozmo – Collector’s Edition

The cutest robot ever!

Product Image of the Anki Cozmo - Collector's Edition Educational Robot for Kids

Check prices

Cozmo iscutest robot friendfor your daughter. He’ll play games with her and throw tantrums when he doesn’t win, but he’s still adorable. This special edition is available in a beautiful metallic gray color.

Cozmo can be coded with a beginner app available for iOS and Android. Once your daughter has mastered this, there is also an advanced app. Until she gets used to it, Cozmo can be used right away and will happily showcase her quirky personality.

35. Ailihen Girls Foldable Headphones

Plug in for Peace

Product Image of the AILIHEN C8 Girls Wired Headphones with Microphone and Volume Control Folding...

Check prices

feminine rosesHeadphoneis a good accessory for your child’s MP3 or MP4 player, tablet, smartphone, laptop or other audio devices. They have a built-in microphone, volume, and remote, so you can easily skip the music you don’t want. Best of all, they can go anywhere with you when they fold up when you’re not using them.

They have an adjustable hinge that you can customize to fit your head shape. I like that they are noise isolated so you can cancel outside noise. They also come with a one-year warranty and a 100% money-back guarantee.

Educational and STEM Gifts

36. Ravensburger GraviTrax. marble run

marvel marble

Product Image of the Ravensburger Gravitrax Starter Set Marble Run & STEM Toy For Kids Age 8 & Up -...

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Girls can explore the laws of physics and gravity by building a track with twists, turns and drops for a marble. How many different junctions, elevations and angles are needed to complete? There are over 100 parts and 18 different build options.

This kit includes all the cells, switches, junctions, rails and even a magnet gun forbuild a marble track. It also comes with a booklet with instructions, tasks and building plans.

37. Extreme Electronic Discovery Instant Circuit

Easy route

Product Image of the Snap Circuits Extreme SC-750 Electronics Exploration Kit | Over 750 STEM...

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The 80 pieces included in this set allow your girls to build over 750 different experiments with electronics. It doesn’t require any fancy tools or soldering irons – all the parts just stick together. They can create adjustable light controllers, AM radios, rechargeable batteries or lie detectors, among others.

This award-winning STEM kit includes a full-color guide with easy-to-follow steps. There is also a computer interface (compatible with Windows 95 and later), allowing your child to see the frequencies and waveforms they produce.

38. My First Set of Mind-Blowing Science Experiments

Science Simplified

Product Image of the Scientific Explorer My First Mind Blowing Science Experiment Kit, 11 Mind...

Check prices

Girls can create an underwater volcano, create a sunset in a test tube, or grow crystals with thissuper science series. The 20-piece set includes all the equipment needed to explore the basics of science, including chemical reactions using science tools.

It has a comprehensive guide included for a hands-on science experiment. Some children may need adult supervision when using this set. I love the sound of fruit changing color and learning about acids and bases.

39. Piper – Computer Kit

Build your own computer

Product Image of the Piper Computer Kit: Award-Winning Build-A-Computer Age 8+ STEAM Learning, with...

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This kit contains blueprints and components so your daughter (perhaps with your help) can build and code her own computer. It also comes with the Piper learning system, which can teach kids about engineering and programming. It does this using a combination of the Raspberry Pi build, plot, and version.Minecraft.

As the levels of this popular game progress, step-by-step instructions help solve the necessary programming challenges. All of the electronics involved in controlling the game, such as switches, buttons, LEDs, and whistles, can be crafted.

40. Lego Boost Creative Toolbox

lego robot

Product Image of the LEGO Boost Creative Toolbox 17101 Fun Robot Building Set and Educational Coding...

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Lego setsis a favorite with children of all ages. This set goes one step further, with 847 puzzle pieces that can be transformed into a robot. If you don’t want a standard-looking robot, you can build a robotic cat.

The Lego Boost app can be downloaded for iOS, Android, Kindle and Windows, it contains all the instructions you need to control your robot. You can code your cat to growl and play, or a robot to frolic, gasp and dance. This set requires six AAA batteries, not included.

41. National Geographic Special Geocodes


Product Image of the NATIONAL GEOGRAPHIC Break Open 10 Premium Geodes – Includes Goggles, Detailed...

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If your kids have ever wondered what’s inside a rock, now they can find out with these geographic lines from National Geographic. There are 10 of them, ranging in size from a tennis ball to a golf ball. Simply add a hammer and crack them open, wearing the provided goggles, to reveal the crystals inside.

The study guide contains 16 pages of information about geodetic lines, how they are formed, and the different types you can find. Display cases are also included, so your girls can start their own collection of stones and crystals.

42. Ozobot – Binary Coding Robot

bright piece

Product Image of the Bit Coding Robot (White)

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Bit is a pocket robot that can help children learn to code. This can start with using a marker on the paper to color code the read bit. Once mastered, the free OzoBlockly app can help kids compose programs to control their robot’s behavior.

You can customize Bit using the included stickers, skins and pop-ups. The robot charges via USB and features programmable behavior, optical sensors and LED lights.

The best of the rest

makeup and beauty

43. National Geographic Kids Why?

For curious minds

Product Image of the National Geographic Kids Why?: Over 1,111 Answers to Everything

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“Why?” We often hear this from kids of all ages, but as they get older, it’s often “why…?” This book will keep them informed and interested, with over 1,111 questions answered on all sorts of topics.

Topics range from serious to silly and feature top 10 lists, discoverer profiles, weird but real facts, and fun activities. Find out why Earth isn’t drifting through space, what you’ll find inside a turtle’s shell, and more.

44. Dork – Diary Collection

Everything Feminine

Product Image of the Dork Diaries By Rachel Renee Russell 12 Books Collection Set (Puppy Love,...

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Worried because at 10, girls may grow up, and with it all the uncertainty about friends, boys, etc. These books take an interesting look at life from a young girl’s perspective as she transfers to a new school. The adventures of Nikki Maxwell will captivate and excite any teenager.

There are 12 paperbacks in this collection, including “Frenemies Forever”, “Once Upon a Dork”, and “Dork Diaries”. There are doodles, journal entries and sketches, providing all the inside information about this girl’s dramatic life.

45. Mermaid Tail Blanket

Pretty and Real

Product Image of the LAGHCAT Mermaid Tail Blanket Crochet Mermaid Blanket for Adult, Soft All Seasons...

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Has your daughter ever imagined herself as Ariel in The Little Mermaid? Now she can pretend to be herself, with this lovely warm blanket. It is ideal for reading, listening to music or watching movies.

It is made of thick and soft yarn, 70% orlon and 30% cotton, with holes at the top and bottom. She’ll love that this blanket slips on easily, with no buttons or zippers. It comes in a box, with a plain bag you can put it in, and a silver mermaid necklace.

Crochet blankets can be washed and dried on low heat. Just know that it doesn’t get caught in other clothes that have a zipper.

46. ​​MasterChef Junior Grill Set

For novice cooks

Product Image of the MasterChef Junior Baking Kitchen Set - 7 Pc. Kit Includes Real Cooking Tools for...

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Does your daughter want to be ain the kitchen? Is she constantly glued to the Food Network, watching “Chopped Junior” or “MasterChef Junior?” This officially licensed grill set just might be the gift for them.

It contains a measuring cup, a mixing bowl, a mixing knife, a rolling pin, four baking cups and four dust guards. I like utensils with non-slip silicone handles, which makes them perfect for young children. They’ll soon be making a splash with the three included recipe cards, and can even create their own culinary masterpiece.

47. Lip Smacker USA

Tasty Lippy

Product Image of the Lip Smacker M&M Lip Balm Party Pack

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Kids love chocolates, so this gift of eight lip balms might be the perfect gift for your daughter. There are eight different flavors – Strawberry, Cherry Lip Balm, or for more creative flavors like Dr. Pepper, Vanilla Coke or Cotton Candy. Fun and full of flavor, they will have your girls hooked.

48. SmartLab Toys for Girls Only

keep secret

Product Image of the SmartLab Toys Girls Only! Secret Message Lab with 25 Hidden Message Science...

Check prices

Passwords and secret messages for communication would be perfect for a girl this age and her best friend. This kit comes in two containers, so they can compose and send each other messages to decipher, things that a sibling, mom or dad can’t read.

Each box contains a UV lamp, a red marker, a red filter, a pencil and a spray bottle. Then there are two encoder wheels, a card with a phonetic code, a sheet of stickers and a message mask. The accompanying activity book provides detailed information on the 10 codes they can use and teaches them about filters, molecules and light waves.

49. Monochef Unicorn Bath Bomb Gift Set

Bath Beauty

Product Image of the Unicorn Bath Bomb Gift Set - Include Unicorn Lips Sea Shell Macarons Handmade...

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Treat your 10 year old to fruity smelling bath bombs. Just add water and watch them around the tub for up to four minutes. When the fusing process is complete, marvel at the fun and vibrant colors as they spin the water and inhale the fruity scent.

There are 8 unique bath bombs in this set – 1 unicorn, 1 lip, 1 seashell and 5 macaroons. They are handcrafted with natural ingredients.

50. Reusable Fox Run Frozen Popsicle Maker

Pretty Things

Product Image of the Fox Run Frozen Popsicle Maker Ice Pop Mold, with 24 Sticks, BPA-Free

Check prices

When dinner rolls around or the kids play in the yard in the summer, who doesn’t love a rock party? This reusable BPA-free mold will allow your 10-year-old to create their own ice cream cups for family and friends. It makes 10 individual ice cubes, each weighing about 3 ounces and comes with 24 wooden ice cream sticks.

There is an aluminum cap with slots to hold the ice cream stick upright while the ice cream freezes. Your daughter can use juice, puree, yogurt or ice cream to make ice cream.

Popular questions about what to buy 10 year girl for christmas

What gift can I buy for my 10 year old daughter?

Best Toys & Gifts for 10-Year-Old Girls of 2022
  1. Tulip Tie-Dye Kit. For the Creative Fashionista. …
  2. Doodle Pillowcase by Eatsleepdoodle. Doodle Design. …
  3. Klutz String Art Book Kit. …
  4. Color Your Own Water Bottle Kit. …
  5. Make It Real Bracelet Making Kit. …
  6. PlayMonster My Fairy Garden. …
  7. Klutz Mini Pom-Pom Pets. …
  8. Slackline Kit with Training Line.

What is the best Christmas present for 11 year girl?

41 Best Gifts for 11-Year-Old Girls that Will Make Christmas Morning the Best
  • of 41. Babycakes Cake Pop Maker. Babycakes. …
  • of 41. Macrame Swing Chair. Sorbus. …
  • of 41. Lip Balm DIY Kit. Urban Kangaroo. …
  • of 41. Just Dance 2022. Ubisoft. …
  • of 41. Fairy Lights. Minetom. …
  • of 41. Felt Letter Board with LED Lights. ANPHSIN. …
  • of 41.

What should you buy for a 10 year old?

From toys to board games to interactive STEM kits, these are the best gifts for 10-year-olds.

Bestselling gifts for 10-year-olds
  • The Don’t Laugh Challenge, $5.99.
  • ThinkFun Gravity Maze Marble Run, $29.95.
  • Crocs Kids’ Classic Clog, $34.99.
  • Air Hogs Zero Gravity Laser, $29.99.
  • Winning Moves RACK-O, $10.99.

What does a 10 year old like?

Interests. Many 10-year-olds love to run, bicycle, skate, jump on trampolines, swim, and play sports. They may enjoy team sports or individual activities, or be more into art, music, crafts, reading, or getting out in nature.

What do girls like as gifts?

The 40 Best Gifts for Girls (and Anyone Else Who Likes Awesome Stuff)
  • Best Gift for Artistic Girls. Drawing Tablet. …
  • Best Gift for Teens. Portable Instant Photo Printer. …
  • Gel Nail Polish Kit. Gellen. …
  • Cake Pop Maker Kit. Cakes of Eden. …
  • Best Tech Gift for Girls. …
  • Felt Letter Board. …
  • Makeup Mirror. …
  • Most Fun Gift for Girls.

Is Santa Claus real?

Yes, Santa Claus is real. The real name of Santa Claus was Saint Nicholas, also known as Kris Kringle. The story dates back to the 3rd century. Saint Nicholas was born in 280 A.D. in Patara, near Myra in modern-day Turkey.

What should I want for Christmas?

I Don’t Know What I Want For Christmas
  • Posters. Posters are incredibly easy gifts for your loved ones to find. …
  • Mugs And Tea Kettles. The holiday season can be chilly depending on where you live. …
  • Animation Celluloid. …
  • Streaming Membership. …
  • Furniture. …
  • Park Passes. …
  • Pet Accessories. …
  • Canvas Shoes.

What should I ask for for Christmas?

50 Things You Should Ask For This Christmas
  • What to Ask for Christmas This Year.
  • Head Gear.
  • House Plant.
  • Coffee Table Book.
  • Your Favourite Aftershave.
  • Wrist Bling.
  • High-Quality Socks.
  • Premium Cotton T-shirts.

What do I want for my birthday?

Here are 10 ideas to get you started.
  • 1 – List a favorite place where you like to eat. …
  • 2 – Your favorite food, beverage or treat. …
  • 3 – An item that helps enable your favorite hobby. …
  • 4 – Support your favorite activity. …
  • 5 – Something that you’d love to have but won’t buy yourself. …
  • 6 – Product you use every day. …
  • 7 – Clothing.

What can a 10-year-old buy with 100 dollars?

10 Awesome Toys Under $100 That Are Perfect as Gifts
  • LittleBits Marvel Avengers Hero Inventor Kit. …
  • 3Doodler Create 3D Pen. …
  • Dropmix Music Gaming System. …
  • Sid Meier’s Civilization: A New Dawn. …
  • Snap Circuits Jr. …
  • Star Wars: Armada Game. …
  • Ugears Mechanical 3D Safe and Puzzle. …
  • LEGO Creator Expert Volkswagen Beetle 10252.

What do 11 year olds want for their birthday?

34 Best Toys and Gifts for 11-Year-Old Girls, According to Parents and Parenting Experts
  • Go Glam Nail Stamper. …
  • Faux Fur Throw Blanket. …
  • Bedside Lamp With Bluetooth Speaker. …
  • DIY Journaling Set. …
  • Fun Stocking Stuffer for 11-Year-Old Girls. …
  • Better Than an App on Her Phone. …
  • Photo Clips Fairy String Lights.

What should a 10-year-old boy get for Christmas?

Shoes and science kits, books, sports equipment, and sunglasses are possibilities that can fill a 10-year-old boy’s need for fun while also satisfying their interest in being more like older kids.

Is a 10 year old considered a teenager?

A teenager, or teen, is someone who is between 13 and 19 years old. They are called teenagers because their age number ends with “teen”. The word “teenager” is often associated with adolescence.

Is 10 a pre teenager?

While known as preadolescent in psychology, the terms preteen, preteenager, or tween are common in everyday use. A preteen or preteenager is a person 12 and under. Generally, the term is restricted to those close to reaching age 13, especially ages 9 to 12.

Can a 10 year old date?

There is no law about when children can be allowed to date; however there are many laws regarding who children can date and what children can do with whom they date. For example it is illegal for a 10 year old to date an 18 year old, and children under click certain age cannot consent to sexual activity.

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21 Best Gifts for 10 Year Old Girls – Christmas Gift Ideas for 12 Year Old Girls

Looking for the best Christmas gifts for 10-year-old girls? Our Christmas gift ideas for 12-year-old girls and 10-year-olds will delight any little girl, including toys, electronics, and more.



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