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what types of food to serve at a baby shower

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Best Baby Shower Food and Drink Ideas – What to Expect

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  • Summary: Articles about Best Baby Shower Food and Drink Ideas – What to Expect More easy-to-make baby shower snacks · Veggie platter · Deviled eggs · Cocktail meatballs · Crostini · Bacon-wrapped dates · Tea sandwiches · Spinach …

  • Match the search results: Instead of having a sit down meal, consider making food available throughout the party space. Since baby showers are very social events, people typically graze during baby showers and eat tiny finger foods rather than hot meals. 

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  • Summary: Articles about Food and Menu Suggestions for a Baby Shower – The Spruce Sample Menu for a Lunch Baby Shower · Finger sandwiches (pimento, turkey, Benedictine, ham, chicken salad, etc.) · Fresh vegetables with dips …

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    A dinner menu can be a bit more complicated, which is why it is one of the least popular times to throw a shower held in a home, except couples showers. Many times a dinnertime baby shower is catered or held in a restaurant. If choosing to host it yourself, you will probably want a theme to your me…

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What Food Can I Serve At A Baby Shower? –

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  • Summary: Articles about What Food Can I Serve At A Baby Shower? – There are numerous savory foods to choose from for a baby shower whether you choose a buffet of finger foods, or a more comprehensive menu.

  • Match the search results: It is common for baby showers to offer some food beforehand. Decide what menu you want for your baby shower based on a couple of factors, such as what time it is, how long the shower is, and where it is. It would be best to serve food items she enjoys. Then make sure she’s able to pick fruit p…

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25 Perfect Baby Shower Food Ideas on a Budget – Instacart

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  • Summary: Articles about 25 Perfect Baby Shower Food Ideas on a Budget – Instacart Affordable appetizers for a baby shower · 1. Ham and cheese sliders · 2. Pulled pork buns · 3. Turkey cheddar hot pinwheels · 4. Tomato and broccoli …

  • Match the search results: If you host a baby shower at mealtimes, you’ll have to serve full meals, which can be expensive. Instead, throw your baby shower between meals, so you can serve only appetizers and sweet snacks. 2 p.m. is a popular time for these events.

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65 Fun Baby Shower Finger Foods – Taste of Home

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  • Summary: Articles about 65 Fun Baby Shower Finger Foods – Taste of Home 65 Fun Baby Shower Finger Foods · Whether you’re expecting a boy or a girl, you can expect another thing for sure: your friends and family to …

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The 51 Most Delish Baby Shower Appetizers

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  • Summary: Articles about The 51 Most Delish Baby Shower Appetizers 1 of 51. Lasagna Grilled Cheese Bites · 2 of 51. Pull-Apart Grilled Cheese · 3 of 51. Air Fryer Fried Pickles · 4 of 51. Pizza Dippers · 5 of 51.

  • Match the search results: Need more baby shower ideas? Try these blue and pink recipes.

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What Drink and Food to Serve at Baby Shower Party

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  • Summary: Articles about What Drink and Food to Serve at Baby Shower Party You could have many people’s favorite breakfast and brunch foods such as croissants, mini pancakes, crumpets, muffins, mini quiche, and a fruit platter to name …

  • Match the search results: Here are some of my favorite baby shower finger foods that may help you decide on what food to serve at the baby shower you are hosting. 

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26 Scrumptious Baby Shower Food Ideas – The Bump

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  • Summary: Articles about 26 Scrumptious Baby Shower Food Ideas – The Bump Baby Shower Finger Foods · Pepperoni Cheese Bombs · Meatballs · Chicken and Waffles · Hawaiian Chicken Bites · Stuffed Mushrooms · Veggie Cups · Crunchy Taco Cups.

  • Match the search results: In this article:
    Baby shower appetizers
    Baby shower finger foods
    Baby shower desserts

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Easy Recipes Perfect for a Southern Baby Shower

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  • Summary: Articles about Easy Recipes Perfect for a Southern Baby Shower Add this sunny salad to your baby shower menu. Sweet clementines, a favorite citrus in the South, pop in a mix of chicken, collard greens, …

  • Match the search results: As any Southern hostess knows, putting together a baby shower goes way beyond decorating your home in shades of pink, blue, or yellow (shh, it’s a secret!). Often a brunch or luncheon, a baby shower is only as good as its menu—and finger food is the name of the game. Serving a snackable spread of ba…

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What To Serve At Baby Shower? 14 Most … – EatDelights

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  • Summary: Articles about What To Serve At Baby Shower? 14 Most … – EatDelights These fried mozzarella sticks are another great way to combine cheese and bread in one luscious appetizer. … Usually, these snacks are served …

  • Match the search results: Don’t worry that you’re serving alcohol at a baby shower; in fact, most people think that drinking is pretty fun, and they will be even more excited when they can enjoy an adult beverage on such a unique occasion.

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Looking for baby shower ideas because you arePlan your baby’s bath. Awesome! But seriously, what are you doing?

Well, it depends on the type of baby bath you are having. If you bathe a baby to sit up, you will be serving a plated meal. However, the trend is very strong towards baby bites, which is why this article is all about baby bites.

Why? Because serving delicious food can be cheap, it’s definitely less stressful and a great conversation starter. Your baby shower guests can mingle as they please, and serving baby food helps create a more laid-back atmosphere. Alternatively, you can prepare everything in advance and only serve when your baby starts bathing.

For your convenience, this article has been broken down as follows:


Baby bath food ideas that will drive your guests crazy

Baby bath food ideas that will delight your guests

  1. Plate of cold cuts

Baby shower food ideas - charcuterie platter

Traditional charcuterie for cheeses, meats, crackers and fruits. Although this is your base, you can also add other things like nuts, dried fruits, dips, custard patties, olives and preservatives.

A good trick is to add soft and hard cheeses. For meat, you can add salami, finocchiona, some spicy meats like hot Soppressata, lighter meats, richer flavors like Capicola, or other prepared meats. Different types of meat will provide different visual and textural sensations and experiences for your guests.

Another great tip is to always add a sweet element to your charcuterie board. Sweets like fruit and preservatives pair well with the savory flavors of cheeses and meats.

  1. Easy, sweet

sweet tangy meatballsThis is a 3 ingredient recipe because you will get a lot of help from the ready made ingredients. Click here tocomplete recipe.

  1. Ham and cheese rolls

ham and cheese rollups baby shower foods

It’s a crowd stopper, and it doesn’t take much effort to make these little babies.Click here for the recipe.

  1. Vegetable


It couldn’t be much easier than with veggies and dips. In fact, you can buy julienne vegetables at the store or cut them yourself withjulienne cutter. Fill yourssmall cupwith your choice and you’re done.

  1. Italian pasta salad

Italian Pasta Salad

Pasta salad is a great choice for any party because it’s hearty and contains everything: meat, pasta and vegetables. It also tastes good. To make it easier for your guests, you can turn a salad intosmall cup(like veggies and dip above), and serve it withParty. Click here for the full recipe.

  1. Pepperoni pizza bombs

pepperoni pizza bombs baby shower foodFlavor, pepperonicooking recipe.

Favor boxes for baby showers and children's parties. These favor boxes hold party-sized portions, and they are super easy to assemble.

  1. Bite the sausage pretzel

Cocktail-sausage-Pretzel-BitesClick here tocooking recipefor those hot dog crackers.

  1. Meatballs with grape jelly

grape jelly meatballs

This is a super easy 4 ingredient recipe that you make byslow cooker.Click here for the full recipe.

  1. Bacon and Cheese Jalapeno Poppers

Cheesy Bacon Jalapeno Poppers

Image credits

It is a spicy but delicious and very popular variety.Find the recipe here.

  1. Buffalo Chicken Dip

Buffalo chicken dip baby shower foods

This dip is really popular, really decadent and easy to make. Place it next to a large bowl of fries and your guests can help themselves. This iscooking recipe.

  1. Baby bath tray

baby shower veggie tray

Easy jelly tray. This dish is so easy to prepare – all you have to do is cut the vegetables and arrange them elegantly on theWhite disk.(According to celebrity chefs,The food stands out when you use a white background.) Add sauces of your choice (like ranch and blue cheese to the peppers of your choice. It’s great and easy.

  1. fried mac

fried mac and cheese bitesIt’s decadent!This recipe is the fried versionBut if you’re looking for a healthier version, keep scrolling to find the cooked version.

  1. Ham and cheese sliders

ham and cheese sliders baby shower foods

In terms of baby bath food ideas, it’s a popular choice because it’s really easy to make and quite tasty. Click onhere for the ham.

  1. Easy Caprese Salad Skewers

Caprese Salad Skewers baby shower finger foods

Super easy to make and a great option for vegetarians and others with dietary restrictions.Click herefor more information on how to put it all together.

  1. Crispy, Bacon

crispy loaded potato bitesIt’s not a quick recipe you can make, but it’s so easy and so delicious. Click here toRecipe.

  1. Slow Cooker Spicy & Sweet Sausage

slow cooker sweet and spicy sausage baby shower finger foods

What could be simpler than putting all the ingredients inslow cooker, then serve it?Click here for all the ingredients and the recipe.

  1. A very delicious

cheese board for baby shower foods

Click here for full instructions on what to addCheese board.

  1. Oscar Tomato Tarts

afternoon baby shower finger foods Oscar Tomato Tarts - Grandbaby Cakes

Appetizing.Click here for the recipe for Tomato Oscar Pies, provided by Grandbaby Cakes.

  1. Healthy fruit skewers

fruit skewersRefreshing and delicious. Find details on how to put it together,this.

  1. Avocado, cream cheese and salsa

afternoon baby shower food ideas Avocado, Cream Cheese, and Salsa-Stuffed Puff Pastries

Click here to see the recipe for these butter, cream cheese and salsa pastries.

  1. Spicy tuna with crispy fried rice

afternoon baby shower ideas Spicy Tuna with Crispy Rice

If your guests love sushi, they’ll love it.Click here for the recipe.

  1. Waffle Chicken Sliders

chicken and waffle slidersOh my God! What a crowd pleaser. Find full and completerecipe here.

  1. Watermelon on the bar

watermelon on a stickIt’s refreshing and easy! Perfect for summer shower gels, perfect for those with food sensitivities. This is authorized byA bit simple.

  1. 8 layers of Taco Dip

baby shower menuWho doesn’t love delicious tacos – this one has 8 layers! This is another super easy to serve dish for young children as you just need to place it next to a bowl of fries and your guests are in for a treat. This iscomplete recipe.

  1. mac mini

afternoon baby shower menu ideas mini mac and cheese pies and a virtual baby shower

Click here to see this recipe. This is the replacement for the fried version above.

  1. 5 Ingredients White Queso Dip – Without Velveeta


Worried about eating “clean”? This formula is that. find the recipethis.

  1. balsamic, strawberry


This dish is delicious and very easy to prepare. Click here tocooking recipe.

  1. 7 Layers of Dip – Personal Cut

appetizer for babies INDIVIDUAL SEVEN-LAYER DIPS

This dish is a great addition to any baby shower brunch menu.Click here for the recipe.

  1. sausage

sausage cream cheese dip

Click here to see “Hissy Fit Dip”cooking recipe.

  1. Chicken Wonton Bowl

appetizers for baby shower luncheon CHICKEN SALAD WONTON CUPS

It might sound a bit fancy, but it’s actually an easy kid-friendly dish because you just put pre-cut wonton wrappers in a muffin tin, add chicken salad, and bake.Click here to see the full recipe.

  1. Simple DIY Pretzel Dog

pretzel dogsIt is a very popular snack and you can serve it with any seasoning of your choice. Click here toRecipe.

  1. Chili chicken skewers dipped in Greek yogurt


This dish would fit very well into the infant bath brunch menu.Click here for the recipe.

  1. Mexican Bruschetta

baby shower food idea

Looking for baby bath food with a delicious crunch? It’s here.Click here for the recipe.

  1. Chicken meatballs

Buffalo Chicken Meatballs baby shower finger foodsThese little chicken meatballs are a healthier but delicious version of traditional meatballs.Find the recipe here.

  1. delicious crab

Crab Dip baby shower finger foods

Crab dip is simply delicious with crackers or fries!Click here for the recipe.

  1. Bacon Mac and Cheese Bites

baby shower food menuTwo comfort foods: bacon and macClick here to see the recipe for this delicious bacon and cheese bite.

  1. hawaiian chicken

baby shower recipes

They are perfect for hot tanning sessions in the summer.Click here for this recipe.

  1. Pepper Jelly Hogs in a “baby” blanket

baby shower punch

Click here for the recipe.

  1. Bacon and Cream Cheese Chicken Tacos

baby shower menu ideas

This recipe is provided by a blog called “It is NOT a diet food. ”

  1. Stacks of mini potatoes au gratin with cheese

baby shower food recipes

Potato gratin is a popular baby food idea, but is best served warm.Click here to discover this delicious recipe.

  1. Beef Wellington Bites

baby shower food ideas for a boy

This is another one of those baby bath foods that should be served warm.Click here for the recipe.

  1. Reuben Tortilla Pinwheels

baby shower menu ideas finger foods

If you’re looking for easy baby food, this could be on your menu.Click here for the recipe.

  1. Bacon, lettuce,

baby shower food ideas for a girl

So cute!Click hereto see how you can put this together.

  1. Easy spinach

baby shower food list

Another crowd pleases.Click here for the recipe for these spinach and ricotta rolls.

  1. Spicy Chicken Meatballs

spicy chicken and cheese meatballsIf your baby’s bath guests like it spicy, they’ll love this. This isrecipe for these spicy chicken nuggets.

  1. Herb and Garlic Shrimp with House Cocktail Sauce

Garlic-Herb-Roasted-Shrimp-with-Cocktail-SauceThis is one of those recipes that is incredibly fun, but actually very easy to make.Click here for the recipe.

  1. Buffalo Chicken Tortilla Rolls Recipe

Buffalo chicken tortilla pinwheelsClick here for Buffalo Chicken Tortilla Windmills Recipe

  1. Imperial cheeseburger rolls

baby shower lunch ideas

It’s so creative!Click here for the recipe.

  1. Spinach and artichoke dip

spinach artichoke dip baby shower food ideasA spinach and artichoke dip on your baby’s brunch menu? Yum.Click here for the full recipe, by the way, prepared in acrooks.

  1. Reel and cheese

baby shower lunch

It’s chic but really simple!Click here for the recipe for these charcuterie and cheese sandwiches.

  1. Bacon

baby shower brunch

It is the intersection of salty and sweet heaven.Click here for this brown sugar smoked bacon recipe.

  1. Cheesy Party Burgers

baby shower menu ideas

Click here to see the Cheesy Party Burgers recipe

  1. Sausage and pineapple appetizer

 foods for baby shower

Sweet and salty come together.Click here for this EASY Pineapple Sausage Appetizer Recipe.

  1. Easy Veggie Pizza

easy vegetable pizza baby shower food ideasWho would have thought that Easy Pizza Vegetables could fit the same phrase? Of course, it is possible.Click here for the recipe.

  1. Baby Bath Food Ideas – Burgers

baby shower food ideasFor some of us, those tiny sliders seem daunting to make — especially cakes. Do not worry. You will findthis recipeUseful.

  1. Stewed Cocktail Meatballs


Click here to see the recipes for theseslow cooker cocktail meatballs.

Expert advice on serving baby food in the bath

Foods to add to your baby’s bath menu

As you may have noticed from the very comprehensive list of baby food ideas listed above, there areabovebaby food you can serve. There are more ways that we offer here, but we just want to show you the best and most popular ones.

The trick is always to find delicious baby food recipes that mimic the traditional dinner menu. Clever, huh? This way, everyone feels like they’re eating a traditional dinner, but they’re enjoying dinner while walking around, socializing and… having fun!

So what to offer at a baby shower?

To ensure a variety of baby shower foods, serve in combinationeasy appetizerencounter some of the following foods:

  • Starch:
  • Hearty, starchy dishes like ham and cheese rolls, pizza bomb, and some of the others above.
  • The protein:
  • These are meat or fish dishes, such as meatballs, chicken rolls or sushi.
  • Vegetable:
  • These are usually healthy starters made from fruits or vegetables. These can be raw, cooked or stuffed.
  • Snacks:
  • These are easy-to-prepare foods, such as nuts, chips, crackers, or popcorn (
  • for a ready baby bath theme
  • ).
  • Discounts and Spreads:
  • These can stand alone or provide a good variety to your existing services. People can use the dip with crackers, fries, or with other foods.
  • desserts:
  • People often expect desserts because no party is complete without them
  • baby bath dessert.

Truly irresistibleBaby dessert ideas

Serving Baby Food: Secrets of an Experienced Baby Tub Owner

When choosing your baby’s bath menu, remember that you will need to plan and calculate everything carefully. Certainly not a matter of throwing a few “good” dishes together.

  • If your baby shower guests have dietary restrictions, be sure to consider serving a variety of foods to meet their dietary needs. For example, if there are vegetarians or gluten-sensitive people, be sure to eat vegetables.
  • Pregnant women do not eat things like sushi, unpasteurized cheeses, mercury-rich deep-sea fish, soft cheeses, unpasteurized milk, pate, caffeine, smoked seafood, fish exposed to industrial pollutants, raw shellfish, raw eggs, unwashed fruits and vegetables, undercooked meat and of course – alcohol. The expectant mother may have additional dietary restrictions due to her pregnancy. Find out what it is and adjust it accordingly.
  • Do NOT try a new formula for the first time on baby shower day. It may not turn out the way you had hoped.
  • If you’re reserving a buffet table, arrange the table to allow circulation on all sides, rather than just one side. This will allow for easier flow.
  • Try to use a table that is at least 5 to 6 feet long. You will need enough space for plates, napkins, utensils and food.
  • If you cover your table(s), try to get a rug on the floor – it enhances the presentation.
  • Think carefully about where you will place your tables and place them away from doorways and hallways where there is a lot of traffic. Also, move chairs away from the buffet table – unless you want everyone to sit near the buffet table.
  • Place plates, utensils and napkins together at the start of the buffet. This tells everyone where to start.
  • At your buffet table, don’t put too many things on your table. When guests help themselves, they may need a place to put their plates, if only for a moment.
  • If you have a large group, prepare two sets of everything and place them on either side of the table. This will reduce traffic jams. Or if more than 20 guests are invited, consider setting up two tables or setting up food stalls in the room.
  • Do not forget
  • punch and refresh baby shower
  • . People can expect it because it’s a tradition.
  • Place your refreshments at another station/table to avoid traffic jams when food is served.
  • Consider what you serve and what do you serve him? Paper plates are easy and convenient, but do you serve barbecue chicken on drooping paper plates? It can get all over someone’s fancy outfit. If you are using a paper disc, please
  • strong paper.
  • If you want guests to move and mingle, think carefully about the food you serve. Foods that need to be cut will be really hard to eat. Additionally, foods that are too salty, sticky, crumbly, runny, or spicy can also be difficult to eat.
  • If you are serving baby food that needs to be kept warm (not dried), use
  • slow cooker
  • and set it to “warm” mode. If you have a variety of foods to keep warm, buy or borrow
  • food warmer.

How much baby food should I give?

It’s an easy thing. The number of entrees you serve depends on the number of guests you invite.

Here’s a quick guide to how many nibbles you should serve when bathing your baby:

  • 10-12 guests = 5 starters
  • 25 guests = 9 starters
  • 50 guests = 13 starters

As your guest list grows, your entries also increase.

EasyAperitifs when bathing babies

Other expert advice:If you’re worried about running out of food, keep a few easy-to-eat appetizers in the fridge or pantry. These should be entrees that don’t require much preparation, such as frozen meats, cheeses, fries, and dips or crackers.

Author’s Notes

My goal, every time I sit down to write an article, is to give the most complete answer to your question. Hopefully, when you are done reading this article, you won’t need to keep looking. However, I sometimes fear that I have been a bit too thorough, and instead of being super helpful, I may have overstepped you.

I hope not. Hope this helps you a lot. But if so, pin it and consider coming back to read it again. I think that even though expert advice may seem a little overwhelming, it is essential to organizing a successful newborn bath.

Good luck.


Organizing or planning a baby shower takes a lot of work. You will juggle a lot of balls in the air. Use the resources below to make your life MUCH easier.

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Popular questions about what types of food to serve at a baby shower

what types of food to serve at a baby shower?

Whether you plan on having only finger foods or an entire menu at the baby shower, here are some ideas for the savory food:Crudité platter. … Cheese plate. … Olives and pickles. … Swedish meatballs. … Chicken satay. … Egg or spring rolls. … Veggie sushi. … Deviled eggs.

How much food should you have at a baby shower?

How Much Food Should You Have At A Baby Shower? Considering that people will be eating during most meals at your party, you can assume 3 to 4 portions per guest per day. We assumed at a two-course baby shower that people would dine about two portions each day.

What do I serve at a 1pm baby shower?

Food to Serve for an Afternoon Baby Shower
  • Light Snacks. Cheese and crackers platter. Light snacks should include a variety of foods that are easy for guests to consume. …
  • Heavy Snacks or Light Meals. Sandwich platter. …
  • Beverages. Iced tea. …
  • Dessert. Cupcakes.

What food do you serve at a baby shower brunch?

What to serve at a baby shower brunch. A baby shower brunch, or any brunch for that matter, should be a mix of savory and sweet items. Experts recommend (1) a hearty egg dish, (2) something savory, (3) something sweet, (4) something fresh, (5) something for dessert, and (6) some liquid refreshments.

Do you eat first at a baby shower?

Do You Eat Before Opening Gifts At A Baby Shower? The sequence of the baby shower generally recommends you get some sort of food out before the presents are opened but other than that, if you want everything after, you don’t have to wait until then.

How do you plan food for baby shower?

How to plan a baby shower menu
  1. Offer lots of options. Make sure to consider a wide range of dietary needs, including the mom-to-be’s diet. …
  2. Make ahead. The goal is to have as much food prepared ahead of time as possible. …
  3. Think twice about themes. …
  4. Opt for mess-free desserts.

Who pays for a baby shower?

the host
Who pays for a baby shower? Most often, the host pays for the baby shower. This is not always one person. For example, several aunts and cousins might cover the full tab of a shower at a restaurant, or a group of coworkers may help coordinate all the decorations, food and fun.

How much does the average baby shower cost?

between $100-1000
How Much Does the Average Baby Shower Cost? An in-person baby shower’s average cost can range anywhere between $100-1000, and a virtual shower averages about $20 to $200. Still, it largely depends on the venue, the number of guests in attendance, and what choices you make with things like party favors or prizes.

Do you serve alcohol at a baby shower?

It’s not uncommon for light alcoholic beverages to be served at a baby shower. After all, often guests at a baby shower may be meeting one another for the first time, and a little alcohol can help people open up. But a baby shower drink is not a reason to over-indulge.

What is the baby shower etiquette?

7 Unspoken Baby Shower Etiquette Rules Everyone Should Follow
  1. 1 Everybody’s welcome. Getty Images. …
  2. 2 Every baby gets celebrated. Getty Images. …
  3. 3 Little ones are welcome if the invite says so. Getty Images. …
  4. 4 Watch what you say and do. …
  5. 5 Careful with the foods and booze. …
  6. 6 Say a genuine thank you. …
  7. 7 Don’t skip the sip and see.

What do you serve at a baby sprinkle?

Plan The Food

That should be the main theme for any baby sprinkle: sweet and simple. It doesn’t need to be a full meal. Just have some finger foods, mini cakes or cupcakes, chips and dip, baby carrots — something along the lines of a light snack.

Do you serve cake at a baby shower brunch?

Baby Shower Brunch Pastries

Instead of traditional cake, the guest of honor may prefer some sweet pastries! Take a look at these wonderful baby shower brunch menu ideas!

How long should baby showers last?

two to three hours
How Long Are Baby Showers? A baby shower usually runs two to three hours, with the meal and opening of gifts taking up the bulk of the time.24 thg 2, 2017

What time should baby shower start?

The classic time to host a baby shower is lunchtime, but recently tradition has given way to several different options. Some women prefer a slightly earlier time to celebrate and enjoy hosting a brunch. Others loved hosting a ‘happy hour’ shower with plenty of baby-themed mocktails at sunset.

Do you give out favors at a baby shower?

If you’re wondering whether or not you should provide party favors to your guests, honestly, it’s really up to you. Party favors are a nice gesture to thank guests for coming, but they can quickly get expensive. If you do choose to give party favors, feel free to cap your spending at just a few dollars per guest.

Video tutorials about what types of food to serve at a baby shower

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Here’s a quick list of my top 5 baby shower finger foods. I thought I would share this list to see if anyone has a favorite top 5 of their own. Comment if you do… I love sharing ideas!!

Thank you for watching.


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30 baby Shower food ideas DIY



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In the following video, I will share ideas about the menu that you can choose in your baby shower party. Hope you get inspiration.

Congratulations on your pregnancy.

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