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This Tech Makes DIY Key Duplication Easy. Maybe Too Easy.

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  • Summary: Articles about This Tech Makes DIY Key Duplication Easy. Maybe Too Easy. You can now take key duplication into your own hands using kiosks and … it was a kiosk for duplicating keys from a company called KeyMe.

  • Match the search results: To help you find a nearby KeyMe kiosk, the company provides a locator tool. At a kiosk, the screen presents options for key types to copy, including standard house keys, special security keys, vehicle keys, and access cards and fobs. After selecting an option, insert a key into a slot and let the ki…

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24/7 Locksmith services, Key Copy Near You – KeyMe

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  • Summary: Articles about 24/7 Locksmith services, Key Copy Near You – KeyMe 24/7 Locksmith Services, Key Copy Near You | KeyMe Locksmiths. … Metro Market. Apply. KeyMe Kiosk … Copy your RFID to a key fob, access card or sticker.

  • Match the search results: Make keys at our kiosk for your mailbox, padlock and other specialty keys, as well as most house keys right on the spot!

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What types of keys are available to cut at the KeyMe kiosk?

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  • Summary: Articles about What types of keys are available to cut at the KeyMe kiosk? KeyMe’s revolutionary technology supports the vast majority of home, office, mailbox, vehicle, and RFID key types. · Common brass keys will …

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FAQ – KeyMe

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  • Summary: Articles about FAQ – KeyMe I had a bad experience with a KeyMe locksmith. … How does locksmith booking work? … What types of keys are available to cut at the KeyMe kiosk?

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KeyME: The Convenient Way to Copy Keys! – Lesa Inspection

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  • Summary: Articles about KeyME: The Convenient Way to Copy Keys! – Lesa Inspection How Does It Work? When you use a KeyMe kiosk, you’re required to physically scan the key you would like to copy. You can then create a …

  • Match the search results: KeyMe offers kiosk key copying and locksmith services. These kiosks can be found at a variety of retailers throughout the country and allow you to make a copy of most house and specialty keys on the spot! 

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The High-Tech Way To Get Copies Of Your Keys, But Is It …

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  • Summary: Articles about The High-Tech Way To Get Copies Of Your Keys, But Is It … Keys can either be immediately produced at the kiosk or they are cut at the KeyMe office and then sent through the mail, based upon the …

  • Match the search results: The KeyMe system relies upon optical scanning of target keys. A sophisticated algorithm, based upon artificial intelligence, interprets the data and drives a key cutter. This is how they are able to store and tie a key to a customer. While KeyMe spent a lot of money on research to develop and exploi…

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KeyMe – Wikipedia

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  • Summary: Articles about KeyMe – Wikipedia KeyMe Locksmiths is a technology company that provides robotic kiosks for new key duplication, locksmith services, and an app for copying keys.

  • Match the search results: In 2021, a jury in Marshall, Texas unanimously concluded that KeyMe did not infringe any patent claims of The Hillman Group, which had sued KeyMe in the United States District Court for the Eastern District of Texas. US District Judge James Rodney Gilstrap presided over the trial.[13]

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KeyMe: Access & Share Keys 4+ – App Store

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  • Summary: Articles about KeyMe: Access & Share Keys 4+ – App Store KeyMe transforms the way you manage your keys, for the first time putting you in control of when and where you can access them. Features Include:.

  • Match the search results: KeyMe transforms the way you manage your keys, for the first time putting you in control of when and where you can access them.Features Include:- Copy: Order a duplicate in the mail, or pick up most keys at your local KeyMe kiosk.- Share: Easily share your key via email or text with roommates, frien…

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What is KeyMe – Your Guide to Automatic Key Copying Service

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what is keyme

Your life is fast. You spend time at home, working, and doing a million things in between, whether it’s picking up the kids, running errands, making a date, or whatever. In the midst of all the commotion, it’s easy to lose your keys or find yourself locked out of your house. What’s not easy is dealing with the consequences while the rest of your life moves on.

The need to be fastkey copying service near youIt’s never been so obvious when you’re locked up. Companies like KeyMe have answered the call with strategically placed automated duplicate key generators. Although the Auto Clone Key Generator is helpful, it may not be the one-size-fits-all solution advertised. Take a look at the KeyMe model to find out why you might want to think twice and call a replacement locksmith.

What is KeyMe?

KeyMe is a New York-based company that was founded in 2012. As a self-proclaimed “locker in the box”, KeyMe will strive to provide a duplicate key maker near you when you need it most. If you’ve ventured into a Rite Aid, Kmart or 7-Eleven store in the Baltimore, Maryland and Washington, D.C. areas, you’ve probably noticed a KeyMe machine. KeyMe terminals allow you to generate duplicate keys on the spot, which is supposed to save you a trip to the locksmith.

KeyMe offers a simple and convenient way to produce spare keys for your home, business, car or anything else that needs a key. They also allow you to create duplicates of your RFID key card or master key tag. These devices use radio waves to store and read the tag information. Depending on where you live and work, your apartment or office building may use RFID tags to allow access to certain areas.

How does KeyMe work?

how does keyme work

KeyMe promises to clone your keys in a snap, but what about? Currently, the system uses a mix of kiosks and a mobile app.


When you access the automated KeyMe kiosk, the machine will tell you how to copy the key. Here is a summary of what may happen when you use the Service:

  1. The kiosk gives you options for different types of keys to copy. Options include standard keys, high security keys, car keys, RFID tags and key fobs.
  2. After selecting the desired option, the machine prompts you to insert your key in a designated slot.
  3. The KeyMe kiosk will then use a complex algorithm to optically scan and interpret your key data.
  4. If you have selected the standard lockout option, the machine can release the lockout immediately.
  5. For more specialized keys, the machine will tell you that the replacement key should be delivered to your door within the next few days.
  6. After printing the key or ordering a copy, the device prompts you to create an account to store the key information. This is where the KeyMe app comes in.


In addition to making instant copies of your keys, the KeyMe kiosk allows you to create and store digital copies of your keys for future copies. The downloadable KeyMe app allows you to digitally store your keys on your mobile device. This application generates code which is stored in the cloud. You can use the code to order new keys and have them delivered to you, or you can share the code with anyone who needs access to print a spare key.

Benefits of using KeyMe .kiosk

There are only a few advantages to choosing an automatic key duplication service. The first is that they are relatively instantaneous. Although no locksmith or auto key maker can really do this right away, you can replace it in about 15 minutes. Another advantage is that in case of lockout you can cut a new key using their app. You just have to go to the kiosk to pick it up. While these advantages of KeyMe kiosks may seem appealing at first glance, the disadvantages of KeyMe far outweigh the advantages.

Disadvantages of Using KeyMe Kiosk

cons of using keyme

There are also some downsides to using an automated KeyMe kiosk. A common downside is that KeyMe locks don’t always deliver top quality and may not fit locks. Here are four more downsides to choosing a service like KeyMe.

1. Security risks

Services like KeyMe have a number of security risks. Anyone with short access to your keys – like friends, valet, auto mechanic, thieves and more – can bring them to a kiosk and copy them. If you saved the key in the KeyMe app and sent the code to your friends, they can easily share it. And in the increasingly digital world, there is always the possibility that the cloud-based KeyMe system could be hacked and exploited to obtain its keys.

An article on the wire from a few years ago that documents how the writer succeedsused KeyMe to break into his neighbor’s housewhile verifying the security of the program. The writer’s neighbor lives on the second floor of a pedestrian street and decides to throw away the writer’s key instead of going down to open the door for him. The writer took 30 seconds to climb the stairs of the apartment, he scanned the neighbor’s key with the KeyMe application. This feature allows him to make a copy of the key at the KeyMe kiosk and come back an hour later to log in again.

It is important to note that KeyMe has recently beeneliminateThe app functionality allows users to scan keys with a photo. While this decision is presumably made to make people feel safer using the service, there is still a security risk.

Anyone with access to your keys in just 15 minutes can copy them at a kiosk. If anyone knows how to clone a car key using KeyMe, they can easily order a copy from the kiosk and have access to your car within days. And as we mentioned, there is always a risk that a cybercriminal could access the keys you saved in the app and make copies of them.

2. Verification process

To avoid the annoying security risks we mentioned, KeyMe has implemented a verification process at each kiosk. To generate a key that has been registered in the KeyMe app, you will need a verified email address, password, and fingerprint scan if registered. While all of these claims are warranties, they can’t do much. KeyMe’s Terms and Conditions state the following:

  • Users are responsible for the activity that occurs on their accounts.
  • The user is responsible for the security of his password.

If your password isn’t too strong or if someone finds out what it is, KeyMe will hold you accountable for any issues that arise.

Another security measure taken by KeyMe is that it does not use cash and requires a verified credit card. In theory, this setup should ensure that they have a name associated with each keystroke, which they can keep track of in case of error. However, a recent Forbes article gives a clue to this theory.

To test the security of the kiosk, the author purchased an Amex debit card with cash. Thisthe label cannot be traced back to its name, and the kiosk lets him use it to buy keys. The author’s conclusion? KeyMedo not docheck credit cards to see if they are debit or credit cards and if they are clearly the account holder. If someone wants to steal a replacement car key for your car, they can probably do it anonymously with the KeyMe service.

3. Possibility of inconvenience during confinement

As we discussed, one of KeyMe’s main marketing points is that you never have to worry about locking your account again. While this may be true, there are many caveats:

  • Preparation:
  • To print a new key on demand, you must have it with you or save a copy in the app. Obviously, you won’t be carrying your keys with you during lockdown, which means your only option is to keep the key. Unless you have already made a copy of this key with KeyMe, it is unlikely that you have pre-stored this key in your phone.
  • Near:
  • If you have your key registered and ready to print once locked, you still need to go to the KeyMe kiosk. Ideally, one is nearby and convenient. However, you may still have to turn off the road to get to the kiosk and then return home with your keys. As you make this trip, you may want to save time by having a locksmith come to your house and do the work on site.
  • Main Type:
  • Only standard keys can be copied on site at the KeyMe kiosk. If your car is locked or you are using a high security lock, the terminal may ask you to return the keys to your home within a few days.

For most people, there is no guarantee that kiosks will provide an easier or more effective solution than calling an experienced locksmith.

4. Not all keys can be copied

Each key maker uses a unique key shape and design as a template. When you duplicate a key, a locksmith or auto kiosk should start with a blank key from the manufacturer and match the cuts on your key. Although a locksmith may need to order blanks to match less common key makers, KeyMe will not copy these marks.

KeyMe kiosks have limited space to accommodate empty key slots, limiting them to the most popular options. Additionally, high-security key makers place distribution limits on their blanks, which means KeyMe can only clone high-security keys with expired patents.

If you have a generic key brand like Schlage or Kwikset, you may be covered by a KeyMe kiosk. But if your key is different from common manufacturers, there is no guarantee that you will be able to make a copy using KeyMe.

Why choose a professional locksmith on KeyMe?

why choose a professional locksmith over keyme

KeyMe can be useful in certain situations, but a professional locksmith has several advantages, including:

  • Other key gaps:
  • A locksmith is not as constrained on space as an automatic key duplicator. You are more likely to get substantial substitutes from multiple manufacturers when working with a professional.
  • Superior Expertise:
  • At the KeyMe kiosk, you must choose one of many predefined options. Locksmiths have a deeper understanding of keys and can make recommendations based on your particular situation.
  • Guard:
  • When you work with a locksmith, you don’t store valuable key data in an app with weak passwords. You can be sure that your security and privacy are protected.
  • On-site support:
  • In many emergency lockout situations, the most cost effective option is to call in a locksmith. A professional locksmith can provide prompt service and get on with your day.
  • Quality:
  • The craftsmanship and quality you will get with a locksmith is superior to the KeyMe Kiosk. Although KeyMe claims to be 10 times more accurate than traditional locksmiths, many review articles say otherwise. Customers pay for cheap keys that don’t fit in their locks and end up wasting their time. You can be sure that a quality locksmith will get your keys right and deliver the results you expect.

If the idea of ​​using an automated key duplication service doesn’t appeal to you, contact the experts at Ernie’s Lock Co. We’ve been providing reliable key replacement services in Maryland since 1960, and we’ve been able to mitigate the security issues when using KeyMe and similar services. Ernie’s provides high quality service whether you are having difficulty or just need a spare key. And unlike other locksmiths, we won’t overcharge you. For more information on what Ernie’s can do for you, call (301)-277-1126 orContact us online today!

contact Ernie's Lock

Popular questions about how to use keyme kiosk

how to use keyme kiosk?

How Does KeyMe Work?Find a KeyMe Kiosk. KeyMe kiosks can be found all over the United States. … Log In to Your Account on the Kiosk. … Choose Your Key Type. … Insert Your Key. … Store Your Key Scan. … Place Your Order.

How do I use a key copy kiosk?

Does KeyMe copy do not duplicate keys?

The trick is far easier than having them copied at a hardware store. KeyMe says it will even duplicate keys marked “do not duplicate,” including some high-security keys sold by Medeco, Mul-T-lock and Schlage.

Are KeyMe kiosks safe?

The Security Risk

Services like KeyMe pose several security risks. Anyone who has brief access to your keys — like your friends, car valets, mechanics, thieves and more — can take them to a kiosk and copy them. If you’ve saved keys to the KeyMe app and sent codes to friends, they could easily share that code.

How much is it to duplicate a key with KeyMe?

Beyond the big expansion, KeyMe’s new kiosks can now copy virtually any type of key, key fob or car key (including transponders). Brass keys cost $2.99 depending on the type. Non-transponder car keys start at $19.99, while fob and transponder keys cost between $69.99-$89.99.

How much does the key machine at Walmart cost?

Walmart does provide key copying and cutting services in 2022. Customers can cut their own keys and make duplicates in-store at the MinuteKey kiosks. The price for each key can range from $2 to $6 per key.

What are the copy keys?

Copy (Ctrl + C)

How does KeyMe app work?

How Does KeyMe Work? KeyMe works by physically scanning your key at a kiosk. Then, you can choose whether to have a copy made or store the scan. If you plan to store key scans for future use, go ahead and download the KeyMe app to your device and create a profile before you follow the rest of the steps.

How do you secretly copy a key?

Can you copy keys from a photo?

What is transponder key?

Chipped, or Transponder, keys are keys that have an RFID (Radio Frequency Identification) chip inside the head of the key. These types of keys have become an industry standard for vehicle manufacturers. This is because the RFID chip adds an extra layer of security to your vehicle’s ignition.

Can a safe key be duplicated?

Safe Keys – All types of unique safe keys can be duplicated and may take longer, depending on the type of key. Car Keys – Some car keys can be duplicated by a locksmith, while others require a brand new key to be created.

Can you make a copy of an electronic key?

And so the answer to the above question is pretty much a resounding yes. Just like your local key-cutter will copy your keys for you, no questions asked, we can copy your fobs, too.

Does Lowes make copies of keys?

The kiosks enable customers to safely store a “digital copy” of their keys in the cloud and create a spare copy at their local Lowe’s in under 30 seconds. The new kiosks will be able to copy car keys, both with transponder chips and those without.

How do you make a key fob?

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Getting a key made near you quickly can be extremely urgent and with KeyMe you can get it done right away. KeyMe lets you prepare in case you lose your keys or need to make a copy of a key fast. The best part is that it’s pretty cheap compared to locksmith prices. Read my full KeyMe review here:


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Copy keys where you shop, prevent lockouts and even copy car and vehicle keys by visiting a KeyMe kiosk near you. You can also use our mobile app to scan, save and share your keys today!

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Nowadays we want to do everything with the click of a button – including making house keys. But one company is offering a key duplication service that has some security experts concerned.

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Key duplication is annoying. Usually, you can only copy keys at the hardware store or call a locksmith near you. Now, you can copy keys yourself, at stores you already shop at. The KeyMe key duplication kiosk can copy most keys on the spot or you can mail order more complicated keys. Check it out! Visit to find yours.

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