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How to Write Fancy Letters Easy – The Hairy Potato

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How To Write A Love Letter: 60+ Ideas & Examples

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How to Write Engaging Letters to Kids – The Postman’s Knock

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Fancy Letters (copy and paste) – LingoJam

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Writing a Love Letter: Ideas, Tips, and Inspiration – The …

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    If you need a little extra help to get started, you might want to look at books like “Love Letters of Great Men” or “Other People’s Love Letters.”

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Letters to our Elf: Cute Notebook for Kids to Write Letters or …

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Multi-read content how to write cute letters

Every day and everywhere you are surrounded by letters and written messages. From logos to posters, billboards, t-shirts or book covers, letters don’t just tell a story but also evoke certain emotions. What if instead of using an existing font, you could design beautiful, personal handwritten letters?

handlettered design by Mkyby Andrea Stan aka Mky

Even if you’ve dipped your toes into the endless world of handwriting or thought about trying it but don’t know where to start, you’ve come to the right place! We’ll look at the essentials you’ll need to embark on this amazing handwriting journey.

I’ve been writing for over a year and it all started when a weekly challenge popped up on Instagram and I decided to sign up. I’ve played calligraphy before, but I don’t really know what the difference is between that and handwriting. I have no experience, never took a class, never watched anyone do it in person. I just thought it would be fun – and it is! Since then I have been writing almost daily and learning this skill is one of the best things I have ever done!

By the end of this article, you’ll know the basics of handwriting and create your own creations with confidence!

What is handwriting?

Many people confuse handwriting, calligraphy, typesetting, and type design and use the terms “type” or “typeface” to refer to all of these.

Type Design exampleExample of a beautiful typeface designed by Jessica Hische

Type of design

Type design is the process of creating typefaces that we can all use. A typesetter creates a system of letters, ensuring that all the letters of the alphabet work together in endless combinations.

Composition simply means arranging the style created by the style designer into a certain layout. It can be as simple as a black and white journal or as complex as a typography guide.

Previously, this was done by hand. Today we do everything on the computer.

Typesetting exampleDynamic and unique composition by famous Russian designer Alexey Brodovitch


The calligraphy is perfect, beautiful writing. After years of practice, calligraphers use muscle memory to perfect their style so that the next time they are asked to create a wedding card, for example, they can perfectly write all the single-letter copies of the first attempt. Although handwriting often mimics calligraphy, the process behind the two is quite different.

Calligraphy example

Perfect calligraphy on the envelope ofJodi Tellier

Lettering example

Interesting example of a text fromAndrea Stan


Ultimately, handwriting is the art of drawing letters and can come in many shapes and sizes, from those that look traditional to those that look complicated, detailed and not too obvious. It can be done in any style, on any material, with any medium.

Although there is noTo reignIn handwriting, there are still some principles we need to consider.

How to start handwriting

Before we get started, let’s take a quick look at how to use handwriting. You might be surprised how many ways this art form can be used!

Applications example

Design of the logo ofVUCK design

Applications example

magazine coverLisa Taniguchi

Applications example

The fresco ofPanda Design Co

Applications example

Cupcakes byApril Moralba

Applications example

‘turnAnne Chen

Applications example

book cover ofmky

1. Get your tools

You don’t need fancy tools to become a hand letterer. When I first started learning to write, I thought I needed the most professional and expensive pens, judging by all those super duper photos on Instagram. I bought a bunch of brushes and pens that I probably used… five times?

The only tools you will actually use are a pencil, paper, eraser, and ruler. If you want your lettering to look like calligraphy, consider using proper calligraphy tools (such as a brush pen or nib), but you could do without (more on that later). ).

If you want to take your lettering to digital media, there are several ways to do it. To get started digitally from scratch, use a graphics tablet or iPad Pro and an Apple Pencil to draw. Or scan your piece and edit it in Photoshop or Illustrator using the built-in tracking option or tracing it yourself with the Pen tool.

2. Know the structure and relationship of letters

Instructions are very important in the process of drawing letters. They help you keep your letters in proper proportions so that they have a harmonious relationship between the letters.

Letter construction and relationby mky

The ascending line indicates the ascending length of a lowercase letter (like l, h, b). The height of the cap is the height of a capital letter. The x-height is the height of a lowercase letter and the line holding the crossbar. The baseline is where all the letters rest. Downline displays the length of the downline of a lowercase letter (such as p, j, g).

In some cases, you will need to ignore these instructions and make some optical adjustments.

It’s a technique I learnedMartina Flor. No matter what typeface you use, we work with a few basic shapes – shapes she calls “mother shapes.” We have a rectangle (like an H or an E), a triangle (like a V or an A), a circle (like an O or a C) plus a combination of all of these.

Letter sizes variousby mky

If you had all of these shapes on the same baseline, all with exactly the same dimensions, circles and triangles would be significantly smaller than rectangles. Why? Because the square touches the baseline and cap height with its entire outline, unlike the circle and triangle.

Even though they are technically the same size, optically they are not. This is when you will use your eyes and instincts to make those letters bigger just a little above the baseline and cap height. How much should they be enlarged? Well it’s as you want! Over time you will find it easier until you can do it without thinking. The same rule applies to lowercase letters.

3. Learn the anatomy of letters

Before diving into the actual characterization, it’s important to know the most commonly used terms, so that next time you can call the “little thing at the end of a lowercase character” by its own name — a quotation mark. Once you know these terms, you will be able to talk to anyone about the subject.

Here are the ones you will use the most:

Lettering termsby mky

4. Choose a font style

This is where we go wild! As a typewriter, you need to be familiar with all the different styles so you can choose the best one for your current project. Knowing the basic types will help you create countless variations of the same letter.

let’s marry yousomeRules of the game, but your imagination can go wild!

The most important rule to keep in mind at all times is readability. You can create the most ornate and beautiful E, but in the end, if it can’t be easily recognized as an E, you’ve failed. Since there is no one right way to draw the letter E (except for its basic skeleton, which can still be changed), we decided how to draw it.

Serif examplePerfect example of animated and festive serifs by Alix Northrup

Ready? To start!


Serif is the small line attached to the end of the stroke. It was originally invented for readability, but designers and typesetters have pushed and reinvented it over and over, creating some really fun and interesting serifs.

In this category, there are many other styles. We have old style serifs, transition serifs, old or modern serifs, glyph serifs or slab serifs. Wow, right?

Let’s see what it all looks like:

Serif letteringby mky

And here are some examples of all the ways you can use them:

Ways to use serifby mky

Sans serif letters

The sans serif is simple yet bold. Play with your x-height for a more dynamic look. Artwork by Olga Muzician.

“Without” means none. So this typeface includes a lineless typeface added at the end of each typeface. Sans serif is often used to convey a more modern style.

Although these typefaces have a more basic structure than serifs, there are still creative ways to do it. You might think there’s not much you can do with something so simple, but let me prove you wrong!

Sans serif letteringby mky

Take a look at a few of them in action:

Sans serif letteringby mky

Script and pen

Script lettering exampleSuper clean and smooth monoline script. Sometimes less is less! Artwork by Jenny Nyman.

Writing and brushes refer to interconnected letterforms. It can look very formal and elegant, playful or even super trashy. This style mimics calligraphy, but instead of drawing the letters in one hand motion as you would in calligraphy, you draw the letters from many small pencil strokes to create this look.

The most important rule to remember is that a letter’s upstroke is always thin and its downstroke is always thick. Thin top, thick bottom. You reduce the pressure of the pen on the top and bottom part, you push and create more pressure on the bottom part. Thin top, thick bottom. Thin top, thick bottom. Those are just four words to memorize!

You can also use brush pens or different nibs to feel the strokes so you know what to mimic.

Script and brush letteringby mky

These are the three basic fonts. Modify them as you wish and get really crazy and funny letters.

Make very thin or very bold letters. Reverse the weights to get that fun feel. Add super heavy weight contrast. Use really crazy serifs or flourishes.

Script and brush lettering


Lettering styles combo example

Great example of combining all typefaces in one piece withJessica Molina

There really is no limit to what you can achieve. Happy with that!

5. Add dimension, detail and decorative elements

Now that you’re more familiar and comfortable with the basic style categories, let’s see what we can do to make them more fun and decorative.

Dimension exampleSuper cool example of how dimensional letters work by Flavia Salvadori

Add size and shade

When we talk about size, we are talking about three types of shadows: linear shadow, drop shadow, and drop shadow. You can create these shapes by drawing the same shape behind your main shape. So simple. If you’re comfortable with that, you can play around with them and create some really cool shadows to make your letter shapes even more expressive.

For example, you can create a vanishing point and connect all the edges of the letter (or word) to the same point, or you can have very heavy and bold shadows playing with positioning.

Dimension and shadow for letteringby mky

If you’ve added all of your dimensions, you can go ahead and add even more depth. Decide where your light is coming from and draw the dark parts where the light doesn’t reach your letter.

Details exampleBeautiful work using delicate and simple details on the letters by Alexiane Davenport

A simple way to understand this is to imagine your letter as an actual object on the table. Look at different objects in your room, both circular and rectangular, to get an idea of ​​what light and shadow look like on them. It takes a little practice to get it right, but hey, practice will make you perfect!

More details

Sometimes you will need to add some details to the letters themselves. Add anything from a simple line to complex lines and shadows. Let’s see just a few examples:

Lettering detailsby mky

There are no rules on how to add them except to keep the letters readable and relevant to your project.

Add decorative elements

Sometimes you’ll want to fill in the gaps around your letters. Again, keep the letters legible at all times.

examples for decorations around letteringby mky

Be sure not to overdo it with bright, less decorative elements. Or if you choose to go crazy, do it in a way that matches your ideas and style.

Decorative elements exampleA fine example of growth. Note that while the artist is going crazy over them, they don’t make the words less readable or look cluttered. Every little curve has its place and its purpose. Illustration by Vera Drmanovski.

These hashes and dashes can be part of your letters or stand alone. Either way, they can help balance your composition and make your letters stand out.

Decorative elements exampleYou don’t have to go crazy with decorative elements to make a room look great. In this case, the designer used an illustration and small hearts to underline the written message. Artwork by Soniaydesigns.

5. Draw expressive letter shapes

Let’s make some real people!

As a handwritten letter writer, you must be able to express feelings and emotions with just the style of the drawn letters. For example, most of you probably wouldn’t use a decorative serif, like circus for the title of an invitation to a fancy event (unless it’s a circus talk?) or a script developed for the cover of a sports magazine.

Practice by trying to illustrate random words using letters. Choose your word and think about the emotion it might evoke. Write down a list of everything that comes to mind when you think of the given word. You can write objects, feelings, styles, anything. The longer the list, the better.

Expressive letterform

You don’t have to use each of these ideas, but it’s helpful to review them all and use the ones that best fit your concept.

Once you feel you have everything you need, start drawing. In the beginning, focus entirely on shaping your ideas. Don’t get precious with your sketches. Don’t focus on the details and don’t get angry if you get it wrong. A sketch is supposed to be messy! Try to draw quickly, without thinking too much, and listen to your instincts. Describe more than just a concept for the selected word so you can choose the best word.

Sketched letterformsby mky

A tip when sketching is to always start with the frame of the letters and add weight later. You’ll have a solid foundation to build on so you can focus on building the letters.

Also, try not to just draw the word in a certain style, but use objects to represent it. For example, you can create the word “bones” from small letter-shaped bones or draw realistic melted letters for the word “melt”.

Once you’ve narrowed it down to one concept per word, keep sketching and refining. This is where you add dimensions, flourishes, and decorative elements. Refer to your list to use the relevant items!

Adding details to letterformsby mky

Now, instead of using one style to define words, use multiple styles to give the same word different meanings.

Follow the same pattern: choose your words, write lists and get sketches! Again, don’t be precious with your initial sketches, just let your ideas flow. Think of the many emotions a word can evoke. You’d be surprised how much the mood of a word can change just by drawing it differently.

Adding details to letterformsby mky

Pretty fun isn’t it? You can repeat this exercise daily and you will start seeing improvement sooner than expected. Remember to keep your letters legible, but allow yourself to make mistakes!

Bring handwriting into your own designs!

If you passed this tutorial, you’re awesome and one step closer to mastering the art of handwriting. Proud! I know getting started can be daunting, but you’ll soon discover that handwriting can be a fun art form.

You may want to start by handwriting and start drawing intricate and detailed quotes. But first, familiarize yourself with drawing a single word. You can’t build a house if you don’t have strong bricks, can you? With these bases, you have endless possibilities to draw letters and improve your skills.

Once you start creating, share your creations with the world! Remember that everyone starts out as a beginner and everyone needs their fellow artists to give them a little help from time to time.

>> Ready for the advanced course? Read our guide to handwritten quotes and phrases.

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How do you do cute letters?

How do you write pretty?

Here are some tips for developing a beautiful handwriting style:
  1. Choose a style. Writers who work by hand can choose from a variety of handwriting styles. …
  2. Choose the right pen. …
  3. Practice consistently. …
  4. Use the proper grip. …
  5. Take a formal class.

How do you write words in a cute way?

How do you write an aesthetic letter?

How do you make a 3D letter?

How to Draw 3D Letters – Let’s get started!
  1. Start by drawing a triangular shape. …
  2. Step 2 — Create the Top Part of the Letter A. …
  3. Step 3 — Draw the Letter A’s Left Diagonal Line. …
  4. Step 4 — Complete the Left Side of the Letter A. …
  5. Step 5 — Next, Draw the Bottom Middle Line. …
  6. Step 6 — Then, Draw the Right Side Bottom Line.

How do you write stylish N?

How do you make a fancy o?

Accented characters and shortcuts

Example 1: To type the letter ó, hold down the Control key, then press the apostrophe key. Release both keys and type o. The accented letter should appear. Example 2: To type the letter Ó, hold down the Control key, then press the apostrophe key.

How do you get kawaii handwriting?

How do you make fancy letters?

How do you do K in calligraphy?

How do you write love in a cute way?

Cute Ways to Say “I Love You”
  1. I’m crazy about you.
  2. You’re my dream come true.
  3. You take my breath away.
  4. Since you’ve been around I smile a lot more than I used to.
  5. There is no one I’d rather steal blankets from.
  6. You’re my partner in crime.
  7. You look great today and every day.
  8. I’m jealous of people who get to see you every day.

How do I make my title look nice?

Apply these five tips to your designs to create titles that stand out, look beautiful and reflect your unique design style.
  1. Centre align your titles greatest impact. …
  2. Align to the right. …
  3. Align to the left. …
  4. Use letter spacing to line up your title and subtitle. …
  5. Match line width by increasing your title size.

How do you write a fancy title?

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How do you write fancy?

Video tutorials about how to write cute letters

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how to design fancy letters – your own creative letters

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Hello everybody, today I have my very basic kawaii letter writing video I did whilst writing little letters for sitc! (Summer in the City!) I don’t actually know if I can give these YouTubers letters whilst I’m at the meet and greets but you know yolo I’ll try! Anyway, I love writing letters, if we are friends and you haven’t got a little emotional letter from me, don’t worry, you’ll get one eventually! Here’s a little taster of some I prepared earlier 😉

❤ Lots of love from Zono xxx ❤






CONTACT: [email protected] (business/ important) OR [email protected] (anything else)

SNAPCHAT: ohnozozo


Stationery is all pretty much from Paperchase or Artbox 🙂


Bubblegum Ballgame – YouTube Audio

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Hello 🙂

Today I want to show you how to write beautiful cursive fancy letters. Easy version for beginners.

Thank you so much for watching 🙂


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