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How To Care For A Butcher Block – Made In

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  • Summary: Articles about How To Care For A Butcher Block – Made In When you finish cutting, wash your butcher block with soap and water and a lint-free rag. Be sure to wash both sides for cleanliness, …

  • Match the search results: Every kitchen needs a safe spot for prepping ingredients and cutting portions. If you don't have a butcher block countertop, you can move this butcher block to your kitchen island and you'll be good to go. Whether you're using it as a carving board or a chopping block, this butcher bl…

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How to Care for Butcher Block Surfaces – Real Milk Paint

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  • Summary: Articles about How to Care for Butcher Block Surfaces – Real Milk Paint On the other hand, we do not recommend using Mineral Oil on a butcher block. While Mineral Oil is food safe, it does have a few downsides. For …

  • Match the search results: Wooden butcher blocks are a wonderful way to add both warmth and functionality to your kitchen, but these stellar surfaces require a little extra attention. Whether you’ve got a full integrated butcher block countertop, a collection of cutting boards, or an island that’s as utilitarian as it is aest…

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How to Clean and Oil Your Butcher Block – Today’s Homeowner

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  • Summary: Articles about How to Clean and Oil Your Butcher Block – Today’s Homeowner Food Grade Mineral Oil: This is the top choice for butcher blocks, and it’s the primary ingredient in commercial sealing products. Look for food grade mineral …

  • Match the search results: Wood butcher blocks are beautiful additions to your kitchen, providing a sturdy work surface with the warmth and beauty of wood. However, to protect both the wood and your health, it’s important to keep butcher blocks sanitized and sealed.

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How to Clean Butcher Block (Project Tutorial) – Bob Vila

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  • Summary: Articles about How to Clean Butcher Block (Project Tutorial) – Bob Vila Food residue may be scraped away with a smooth, flat, and ideally plastic spatula, and the surface should be sponged off with only mild- …

  • Match the search results: Remember that proper care of butcher block entails oiling the entire surface every six months or so, at minimum. Howard Butcher Block Conditioner (view on Amazon) stands out as a popular favorite for ongoing, routine surface protection.

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How to Care for and Clean Built-in Butcher Block | MyRecipes

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  • Summary: Articles about How to Care for and Clean Built-in Butcher Block | MyRecipes Regardless, for everyday cleaning, I keep a spray bottle filled with a quart of water that has 3/4 of a teaspoon of chlorine bleach mixed in, …

  • Match the search results: He sprinkled a generous layer of kosher salt all over the block, cut a lemon in half, and took a half in each hand, and used the cut sides to begin to work the salt into a paste, going in small, even circles all over the board. He did this for a good few minutes, until most of the salt was dissolved…

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How to Clean Butcher-Block Countertops | HGTV

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  • Summary: Articles about How to Clean Butcher-Block Countertops | HGTV Remove everything from the countertops. Scrape off any caked-on dirt and wipe away crumbs. Next, add a few drops of dish soap to a wet sponge, …

  • Match the search results: For a highly functional, all-natural rustic look, many people choose butcher block countertops. They are inexpensive, easy to maintain and look great. Butcher block works double duty as a cutting surface — you can cut vegetables and other food items directly on the countertop. The scratches on the s…

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5 Things You Need to Know Before Buying a Butcher Block …

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  • Summary: Articles about 5 Things You Need to Know Before Buying a Butcher Block … To combat dirt, grime and germs, make sure you clean the counter after every use with mild soap and water or vinegar (psst…vinegar’s our secret …

  • Match the search results: If the thought of covering all of your counter space with butcher block is overwhelming (and a little intimidating), fear not: You can always opt to resurface a smaller section of your kitchen (like your island) or just buy a beautiful butcher block cutting board. Whatever you choose (even if choosi…

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How to Care for a Butcher Block Counter – Food52

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  • Summary: Articles about How to Care for a Butcher Block Counter – Food52 I melt about 2oz of beeswax into a cup of mineral or castor oil and, while it’s still warm, spread a thin layer over my butcher block and …

  • Match the search results: In the year since I purchased my butcher block, its oak has been stained by wine rings, burnt by pans, and dug into by knives. And while I diligently wipe it down every night, until recently that’s where my “butcher block care” began and ended. Over time, as the nicks and spots amassed, I convinced …

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Multi-read content how to care for butcher block

Step-by-step instructions on caring for a meat block counter were added during our kitchen remodel, including sanding and oiling.

Butcher Block countertop

If there’s a question we get asked again and again aboutrenovation of our kitchen, which is “how do you like your butcher block counter?”. It’s an easy answer for us: we love them! They’re affordable, they look good, and they add a nice coziness to an otherwise bright kitchen. We take oak countertops from IKEA and leave them completely unfinished, aside from monthly oiling (details below!). We find that the butcher block countertop holds up quite well to our usual kitchen clutter!

Our butcher block: a few notes

Two important notes about our butcher counter:

  • Our main sink is on an island with a quartz counter, so we don’t wash dishes near butchers. We always take great care to dry any standing water on the butcher block to prevent staining.
  • Although we have taken care to only use food safe oils on our unfinished countertops, we do not cut or chop them directly on the counter, as we want them to remain in their beautiful shape as much as possible for as long as possible. .

Otherwise, we weren’t too shy to walk around the counter. They’ve been stained, burned, and fairly well used for two years, and they look better than ever!

How to Take Care of Butcher Block Counters

Caring for the counter is quite simple. Every four to six weeks, when the counters start to look dry and dry, we treat them with a wax/contouring oil mixture. We use aFood safe meat oil/wax comboand we are satisfied with the results; I also read that you can just use mineral oil.

Butcher Block 101 Maintenance Counter

Here are the steps we used to process our meat block counters:

  1. Clean all the elements and sand them lightly with medium sandpaper. If there are smudges, you may need to sand more. Don’t worry if the yellowed area looks a little lighter after sanding; it will fade after a month or two. Also, don’t be too picky about removing the last stain, because the little rust will look great!
  2. Wipe off dust with a damp cloth.
  3. Warm the bottle of wax under hot running water for a few seconds, then spray a line of wax around the counter. You don’t need to use too much.
  4. Use a paper towel to spread the wax evenly on the counter. Let sit for about 10 minutes until the wood absorbs the wax. If you missed a month or two, you might want to repeat this step.
  5. Use a clean paper towel to remove excess wax. Let the countertops sit for about 15 more minutes – the wood will continue to absorb the remaining wax.
  6. That’s it! Your counter must be waterproof and ready to use. Remember, water is the enemy, so be sure to keep them dry!

how to take care of buter block countertop

Butcher Block counter

Butcher Block countertop


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Popular questions about how to care for butcher block

how to care for butcher block?

Over time, butcher-block countertops can lose their luster and look dull and dry. Give them a refresh with food-safe mineral oil or butcher-block conditioner (available at home improvement stores). Don’t use a food oil, like olive or vegetable oil, which will oxidize on the surface and start to smell.

How do you take care of a butcher block?

How often should I oil my butcher block?

While the typical or average user should apply butcher block oil or board cream monthly, if you use yours heavily or frequently, you should oil it every two weeks to prevent it from drying out and cracking.

Does butcher block need maintenance?

While pretty, butcher block countertops require much more maintenance than their marble or stone counterparts. You’ll have to treat the surface with mineral oil to protect the natural wood and use sandpaper to sand down and fill in any nicks or scratches that have occurred.

What is the best oil to use on a butcher block?

Food-grade mineral oil
Food-grade mineral oil is the most common oil to use on a butcher block or cutting board. Other popular options include walnut oil, and, in the case of cutting board conditioner, beeswax and carnauba wax.

Can you use Clorox wipes on butcher block countertops?

Disinfecting. To disinfect your Traditions butcher block after cleaning use Lysol® or Clorox® Disinfecting Wipes. These wipes are available at Lowe’s, and report to kill 99.9% of viruses and bacteria when used as directed.

Can you put hot pans on butcher block?

Placing hot pots and pans directly on the butcher block surface is one of the most common mistakes homeowners make. It is also one of the most problematic. The hot items can burn and even crack the wood, leaving permanent damage, in most cases.

Can you over oil a butcher block?

There is no such thing as using too much butcher block oil. Once the wood is fully saturated with oil, it will not take on any more oil.

Do you need to oil the bottom of butcher block countertops?

For maintenance purposes, you will need to oil the topside and the edges only. As the wood is already saturated, it might take longer for the oil to completely cure, and some excess oil might remain on the top surface.

Can you use olive oil on butcher block?

Olive oil, corn oil, and sunflower oil, should never be used to maintain a cutting board or butcher block. As touched on above, these oils experience rancidification – a process that yields a rank smell and unpleasant taste. As a cutting board touches your food, substances that can turn rancid should be avoided.

How do you condition a new butcher block?

Does butcher block stain easily?

Con: Butcher-block is susceptible to scratches, dings, and stains. If you plan on chopping directly on your countertops, you’re going to end up marking things up a little (or a lot). That glass you dropped might just leave a dent, and the wine inside could settle into a stain. Pro: But they’re easily restored.

How do you finish an unfinished butcher block countertop?

Is boiled linseed oil food Safe?

Do not use boiled linseed oil. It is considered toxic and not food-safe.

Can I use olive oil to season a wooden cutting board?

You should not use any type of cooking oil on your board, such as olive oil, vegetable oil, or regular coconut oil, because they will go rancid. Also keep in mind that excess moisture is bad for wood. Never soak your cutting board or let it sit in water for extended periods.

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Caring for butcher block countertops is simple. Learn expert tips for daily cleaning and routine conditioning to keep the wood sanitized and looking good as new. Discover natural solutions and Howard wood products.

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Butcher Block oil and conditioning.

Update: watch our new video to see what the countertops look like 2 1/2 years later:



One of the most, frequently asked questions is..How to clean and maintain a butchers block?. In this video, I show you how we clean a butchers block in the trade, and then maintain it, to pro-long its life, and keep it hygienic, and in top condition, which done correctly, will last you a lifetime.many thanks.

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